torsdag den 27. november 2014

Needlequest Challenge 10

October theme - 3D Stitches

The thistle embroidery is inspired by some of Maria Stuart’s embroidery performed in needlepoint and petit point.

Flower stems and leaves are embroidered with cross stitch.
The flowers are marked with tassels. Cup leaves embroidered with detached blanket stitches, decorated with couching. The structure of cross stitch and detached blanket stitches are very similar so I think the stitches suit each other well.

This octagon represents the name Mary Stuart superimposed with the queen's cipher, the royal crown, the thistle and the anagram motto "Sa virtu m'atire".
Mary Stuart Queen of Scots made this embroidery, between 1569 and about 1585. It is the work of Mary and Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury. Elizabeth husband George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury was responsible for Mary during her imprisonment in England, and she stayed at one of the Shrewsbury estates.

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